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    Four Analytics; Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning

    Four Analytics: Pioneering the Future of Facility Management


    Founded in 2020 by industry veteran Kirby Zhang, Four Analytics stands at the forefront of the technology startup scene. With a robust foundation built upon Zhang's 14 years of experience in the facility management industry, Four Analytics is reshaping how businesses manage their cleaning needs. As the parent company, Four Analytics is dedicated to elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial cleaning for its extensive portfolio of approximately 600 brands across North America.


    At its core, Four Analytics caters to enterprise customers who juggle numerous properties yet find it challenging to address their cleaning requirements due to logistical and personnel constraints. Our company emerges as a comprehensive solution, empowering business managers and executives to concentrate on sales and customer experience while we take care of the cleaning operations. Our commitment is to blend the precision of technology and big data with the personal touch of human relationships, ensuring a seamless and responsive customer service experience.


    Cleanable.com: Empowering Local Cleaning Businesses


    The service provider arm of our business, Cleanable.com, was recently launched to create a synergistic network of the finest local, owner-operated cleaning companies. Our mission with Cleanable is to support and propel small businesses within the cleaning industry by providing them with the tools to scale, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline administrative processes, allowing them to focus on their core services. Cleanable stands out by partnering solely with established companies, ensuring quality and reliability, unlike platforms that rely on gig workers. This approach allows us to maintain a close, personal connection with our service providers, guaranteeing the highest standards of service through meticulous selection based on experience and expertise.


    A Vision for Growth and Innovation


    Looking ahead to 2024, Four Analytics is poised for significant milestones, including the completion of our Minimal Viable Product (MVP), expanding our service network to over 1,000 providers, surpassing $10 million in sales, and securing additional funding to scale our operations. Our strategy also encompasses a focused effort to enhance brand awareness through strategic marketing initiatives.

    The commercial cleaning and facilities management sectors are ripe for innovation, having seen little advancement in nearly a century. Four Analytics and Cleanable.com are at the cusp of transforming these industries, not only improving the landscape for service providers but also delivering unparalleled value to customers.


    An Invitation to Prospective Clients and Investors


    We extend an invitation to prospective clients and investors to join us in this exciting journey. With Four Analytics and Cleanable.com, we are not just cleaning spaces; we are cleaning up an industry, making it more efficient, responsive, and customer-centric. Be part of a future where technology meets tradition, and where your investment or partnership helps redefine the standards of facility management and commercial cleaning.


    About Four Analytics


    Four Analytics is the parent company leading the revolution in facility management and commercial cleaning through technology and innovation. Founded by Kirby Zhang, a seasoned expert in the industry, Four Analytics aims to provide comprehensive cleaning management solutions that allow businesses to thrive.


    For More Information


    For inquiries, investment opportunities, press, or to learn more about how Four Analytics and Cleanable.com can serve your business, please contact us via email at info@fouranalytics.com