Four Analytics is an ambitious technology startup founded in 2020 by Kirby Zhang, who serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer. With +10 years of experience in the facility management industry, Kirby brings valuable connections and industry knowledge to the table. The company is currently focused on developing a marketplace called Cleanable.com, aiming to unite the best local owner-operated cleaning companies under a global network.


    In 2023, Four Analytics plans to complete its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and begin testing its innovative vision. The company already has numerous key relationships with cleaning companies, and the next step is to develop the technology that brings them together. Cleanable differentiates itself from gig-work platforms like Handy or Porch by collaborating exclusively with established and proven companies, ensuring quality by stringently qualifying and onboarding service providers to meet their standards.


    The MVP for Cleanable is designed to offer a seamless experience for both sides of the marketplace. On the sell side, users can conveniently request cleaning services through various methods such as email, call, text, or via the web or mobile app. The platform will also feature a fully integratable API, enabling users to connect their accounting or management systems like Procore, Fexa, and Service Channel. At present, the sell side is comprised of nearly 300 companies, including property management firms, retail, medical, government, and hospitality brands, totaling around 3,700 properties.


    On the buy side, cleaning companies will have the opportunity to explore and accept assignments, manage their schedules, and receive payments promptly. If the fundraising round is successful, providers can expect to be paid within 1-3 business days after customer sign off, without any additional fees. The platform will also make it easy for cleaning companies to manage administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on what they do best—cleaning. Four Analytics currently boasts a network of over 500 local cleaning companies with a workforce of more than 10,000 professionals across the US and Canada.


    Although the marketplace is still under development, Four Analytics has already proven itself in the industry, with astonishing demand and revenue more than doubling every year since 2020. The company attributes its success to a hybrid approach that combines technology for increased efficiency with a human touch, providing a connected experience for both service providers and users. As Four Analytics continues to develop Cleanable.com, their unique approach and vision hold great promise for transforming the cleaning industry.