Cleaning services are a crucial aspect of facility management and community health—so much so that the industry has seen significant growth, even during the pandemic, as cleaning services helped commercial and residential buildings maintain an increased standard of sanitation. Globally, the commercial cleaning services market was estimated at $308.7 billion in 2020, with growth expected in various regions ranging from 3% to 6%. Annually, there are 2.3 billion commercial cleaning jobs across the globe, performed by either in-house or outsourced cleaning teams. However, due to the fragmented nature of the industry, prices and estimates fluctuate greatly between businesses, and even vary greatly between the estimated quote and the final price. For businesses in need of more reliability and immediacy, few options are available.


    Four Analytics, Inc. (also referred to as “the Company”) aims to revolutionize the cleaning services industry with its new subsidiary and platform Cleanable, offering better, more informed quoting, instant team deployment, and unsurpassed convenience for its clients from any industry. Focused on commercial cleaning, Cleanable will offer different categories of cleaning to its clients, including post-construction cleaning, general and in-depth cleaning, and COVID-specific cleaning, facilitated by teams of contractors thoroughly vetted by the Company to ensure the highest level of quality assurance possible for clients.


    From its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Company will continue to develop client relationships with large companies, major facilities, brands with multiple locations, hospital and medical groups, contractors and construction companies, and more throughout the U.S. and internationally, as well as successful and experienced contractors. For its contractors, Cleanable and Four Analytics will exclusively partner with independent cleaning businesses, offering an advantage over the monopolizing franchises that are often so devastating to small family businesses. Through its Cleanable platform, contractors will have instantaneous access to potential jobs in their area, allowing for efficient deployment of cleaning teams for emergencies and more consistent revenue for the contractor. In addition, while competing primarily with fragmented franchise operations, Four Analytics’ platform simultaneously optimizes the way its clients request cleaning services while providing streamlined, standardized scheduling and job procurement for small and independent businesses.


    Cleanable operates in a specialized niche of the $63.7 billion Janitorial Services industry, which has benefited from a rebound in nonresidential construction activity. While some segments of the industry declined in 2020 due to economic uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic, operators in niche segments of the industry, like the Company, have fared much better. Low barriers to entry have drawn many sole proprietors into the industry, causing the number of operators to increase by 5% between 2015 and 2020. Market research firm IBISWorld expects the industry to fully recover over the next five-year period, with revenue projected to grow at an annualized rate of 3.5% to reach $75.7 billion by 2025.


    The Company’s dynamic marketing campaign is designed to reach both potential clients and prospective contractors. Cleanable will launch engaging social media profiles and advertisements, specifically to share promotional videos detailing complex cleaning jobs through time-lapse and before/after images. In addition, the Company will utilize the targeting capabilities on LinkedIn to identify and initiate contact with prospective clients and additional contractors. Four Analytics will continue to utilize its robust vetting process for contractors and intends to be the first to initiate contact with its initial prospects to best establish the quality standards of Cleanable.


    Four Analytics is co-owned and operated by Mr. Kirby Zhang and his wife, Jennifer Zhang, as well as a variety of Board Members and other managerial personnel. Mr. Zhang personally developed the backend databases of Cleanable, built upon over 10 years of experience within the construction and facilities management industries. Currently the Company’s CEO, he has spent over a decade as a manager and executive, guiding projects and business development. Four Analytics’ Executive Vice President, Mrs. Zhang is a veteran project manager specializing in digital projects for Fortune 500 companies, including frontend, backend, and security elements.