Founded in 2018, Four Analytics was created to revolutionize the cleaning industry with technology, data, and efficiency. As part of this goal, the Company is in the process of developing and launching the latest evolution of the cleaning services industry with its latest platform, Cleanable.


    The application, built by Four Analytics’ owner, gathers a myriad of data points for each potential client and cleaning requests—such as square footage, materials needed or requested, labor required, time estimate, and more—to eliminate the uncertainty and fragmentation included in price estimates for service. Through Cleanable, clients in a wide variety of industries can request the Company’s superior cleaning services, input the job’s data points, and have a team deployed almost immediately to complete the requested service. Convenient, fast, reliable, and held to high quality standards, Cleanable integrates itself in the regular operations of its clients, scheduling recurring cleaning visits that clients no longer need to think or worry about.


    To accomplish this, Four Analytics and Cleanable are building a robust network of highly vetted contractors already operating and successful within the cleaning services industry. Ideal contractors must have at least two years of experience, registered employees, and must own their own equipment—exceptions may be made for specialized equipment sold through Four Analytics. The Company will exclusively seek out independent businesses as a way to support local businesses and limit the expanding reach of cleaning franchises. Currently, Cleanable is communicating directly with potential contractors and extending its value proposition. The Company’s owner personally vets each prospect and offers a trial job to test the contractor’s efficiency, quality, and professionalism. As the Company grows, it may accept applications from hopeful businesses interested in contracting, though in-depth vetting and trial jobs will remain critical parts of network expansion.


    The Company offers several types of cleaning services through Cleanable, including general commercial cleaning, construction site post-build cleaning, and in-depth COVID-related cleaning. Four Analytics and Cleanable will continue to partner with prospective clients from a variety of industries in need of superior, convenient, and efficient cleaning services. The Company will continue to develop relationships with large, international, multi-site clients, contacting brands and businesses with large facilities, such as business complexes or malls, hospital and medical groups, retail brands with multiple locations, property managers, and general contractors in charge of large developments, and more.


    The backend databases for Cleanable have already been developed and provide the oversight for each job’s management, estimation, and allocation to specific contractors. The Company intends to collaborate with a professional application creator to polish its platform and integrate ground-breaking user experience details to establish easy-to-follow flows for both contractors and clients. This development will also solidify Cleanable’s position as an ultra-convenient, instant, and efficient cleaning management service.